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This is where you can find the sofa covers for an IKEA Vimle sofa. When you own an IKEA sofa, you can enjoy it for years. However, over time the cover may become less beautiful. You may also encounter annoying stains that don't come out easily. In that case you could opt for a new sofa, but a new sofa cover is a smarter option. You'll pay much less than for a new sofa, and your IKEA sofa will still look like new when you're done. Get a custom-made sofa cover for your Vimle sofa!

Which Vimle sofa cover do you need?

Look closely at the model of the sofa cover and order a custom-made cover. Whether you have a Vimle 2-seater, a 3-seater or a 3-seater with a chaise longue left or right: everything is possible. At Norsemaison, the cover is made by hand according to your wishes. Choose from various trendy fabrics such as rib or velvet. Discover the many colour options: various shades of blue, green and red, but also unique shades like sand, olive or caramel. Your IKEA sofa covers will be top-quality, 100% polyester and washable.

IKEA sofa covers from Norsemaison: the benefits

Are you having a sofa cover made for your IKEA sofa? By choosing a Norsemaison sofa cover, you enjoy many wonderful benefits. Your sofa looks like new again and you can also create a totally new atmosphere in your home. What are the other benefits?

You choose a sofa cover according to your taste, which is handmade in our workshop;

The sofa covers are washable;
Benefit from free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium;
Pay in one go or in three instalments;
Request free samples to test the colours and fabrics.

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