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Payment methods

Payment methods

We currently accept the following payment methods:

- iDeal
- In3
- PayPal
- Afterpay
- Apple Pay
- Bank transfer
- Credit card
- Belfius Direct Net
- Bancontact / Mister Cash
- SOFORT Banking
- CreditClick



This option is only available in the Netherlands.
Would you rather not pay for your purchase in one go? Then use in3: the only payment method with 0% interest. You can pay the amount you want in three instalments without extra costs. This way you can buy your favourite product within your budget. The minimum order amount is € 100 and the maximum order amount is € 3,000.

Prior to payment in3 does a super fast data check. If unexpected your request for payment is not authorized, you can contact in3 or choose another payment method. Would you like more information about in3? Then visit:

How does it work?

If you choose in3, you pay the full amount in three equal parts within 60 days. On the day of your order, pay the first part via iDeal and your purchase will be shipped. 30 days later you pay the second part and 30 days later the third part. This way you don't have to spend a large amount of money at once. You will receive an email as soon as you need to make a new payment. Nice and easy!

  1. Pick & check:

Choose in3 at checkout, the system does a super fast data check.

  1. 1st payment & shipping:

You immediately make your first payment and the order is sent.

  1. 2nd & 3rd payment:

Within 30 days you make the second payment and within 60 days you make the third payment.

Upon receipt of your order, we will perform a standard pre-authorization on the payment method to ensure there is sufficient funds to complete the transaction. We will only charge the pre-authorization if the order is packed and ready to ship. If billing information is incorrect or incomplete, we may contact you for confirmation before your order ships.



This option is only available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

AfterPay carries out the complete payment process for Norsemaison. This means that you will receive a payment summary from AfterPay. The AfterPay app allows you to view and pay for your order, safely and easily from your smartphone. In the online environment My AfterPay you can manage your payment statements from your computer or tablet. AfterPay will keep you informed via push notifications & email when a payment statement is ready for you. In approval of your request to pay afterwards, AfterPay performs a data check. AfterPay maintains a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement. In the unlikely event your request for payment with AfterPay is not authorized, then you can of course pay your order with a different payment method. For questions you can always contact AfterPay. For payment terms and more information we refer you to AfterPay.


This option is only available in Europe.

Pay in instalments with CreditClick CreditClick is a way of paying with credit for your online purchases. No longer pay the full amount at once, but pay in instalments with a monthly amount that suits you. Ideal if the big purchase is just not convenient. You can use it for amounts between €250 and €1000. 

How do I apply for a credit with CreditClick? 

Choose 'CreditClick' from the list of payment options during checkout in the webshop.
✓ Log in as an existing CreditClick customer or register as a new customer.
✓ Identify yourself using iDIN.
✓ Enter your contact details, living situation and financial data.
✓ Choose a tailored credit or pay in instalments.
✓ The lender will assess your application and give approval within seconds.
✓ Sign your credit contract digitally and finish by paying for your purchase.
✓ The whole process, from choosing CreditClick to confirming your purchase, takes just a few minutes. 

What information / documents do I need to apply?
✓ Access to an iDIN activated payment account.
✓ Contact details and information about your living situation (income, housing costs and information about any other loans) 

Where can you use CreditClick?
You can pay with CreditClick in all shops that accept CreditClick and display the CreditClick logo on their website. 

How does CreditClick handle my personal data?
Your data is completely safe. We respect your privacy and your data is fully protected. The data will only be used for the loan application and for a possible follow-up purchase with your CreditClick account. 

Can I re-use the amount I have repaid?
Yes, after repaying the used part of the loan, you can use the re-established credit facility for new purchases. 

Are there any costs for me?
For the use of CreditClick you pay an interest rate on the credit used. There are no additional costs involved. This interest rate is lower than a bank overdraft and/or the use of a credit card. 

Can I repay the credit earlier?
Of course. With all forms of credit, it is possible to repay early. Without any penalty, of course. 

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